• Krishna Gyawoli

A former Secretary of the Government of Nepal, Mr Krishna Gyawali,  joined Nepal Civil Service in 1984. He worked as Secretary at the Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Environment (later renamed as Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment) and the Ministry of Local Development, and as a Joint Secretary at the Ministry of Finance where he headed the Foreign Aid Coordination Division. He is a graduate in Sanskrit and Law, and holds Master’s in Political Science and Public Administration from the Tribhuvan University in Nepal and Master’s in Development Administration from the University of Birmingham, UK.  He has been a Hubert Humphrey Fellow at the Michigan State University, East Lancing and a participant to the Leadership in Development course at the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard. He once worked for the UN peacekeeping missions as a UN Volunteer in Cambodia, South Africa, East Timor, and Kosovo.  With a wider work exposure to the development institutions both at home and abroad, including with the World Bank in Washington DC, Mr. Gyawali has written extensively on policy and governance-related issues, in which he holds keen interest and competitive expertise.

  • Bhoj Raj Poudel

Bhoj Raj Poudel is a young public intellectual in Nepal, who raises the issues of poverty, sustainable development, and economic justice. He participates in public discussions through his writings on a range of issues that affect most people living in dire conditions in rural parts of Nepal and also urban poor. His opinions and writings frequently appear in national and international newspapers and journals. He is an economist by practice and works as a consultant for bilateral development agencies as well as multilateral development banks. He has co- authored a book, " Generation Dialogue: Youth in Politics in Nepal (2010)" and has contributed several chapters for different books focusing on regional cooperation and economic development in South Asia. He teaches, writes and participates in public discussions with a clear purpose of adding value to the society at large and try to help uplift the living conditions of people living in extreme poverty in Nepal and South Asia through policy reforms. He also worked as a journalist for around four years in the past.

  • Kuvera Chalise

Kuvera Chalise is a Kathmandu-based working journalist. He began his journalism career with a vernacular daily Himalaya Times in 1998. An avid advocate of Economic Freedom as Human Rights, he has been in Business and Economic journalism since last one-and-a-half decade.